Mary Beth LaRue Yoga Class: Warming Into the Side Body | Wanderlust TV

Warming Into the Side Body

Beg./Int. 20 min Vinyasa, yin

This class is part of Easy Does It, featuring five 20-minute classes for $14.99.

Explore and lengthen the various layers of your side body. Start by warming up the spine with seated side stretches, followed by Low Lunges (Anjaneyasana) and Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana). Elevating and elongating, this flow is all about fostering mental and physical flexibility.

Recommended props: One block. 

Outfit: adidas x Wanderlust collection. Shop here

Soundtrack mixed by DJ Taz Rashid

  • "Alone" by Sol Rising
  • "The Road" by DJ Drez
  • "Courage (Kula Remix)" by DJ Taz Rashid & Ingmarlo
  • "Atmospheres" by Burnsie

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