Mary Beth LaRue Yoga Class: Go With the Flow | Wanderlust TV

Go With the Flow

Beg./Int. 45 min Vinyasa, yin

This class is part of Permission to Be, featuring two 45-minute classes and one 60-minute class for $14.99.

Use the breath to inspire flow. Mary Beth LaRue guides you through seated twists, Extended Side Angle, Crescent, controlled chaturangas, nourishing folds, and more. Drop the head, lengthen the limbs, and unearth your divine ability to let go. You deserve this rest.

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Soundtrack mixed by DJ Taz Rashid

  • "Dawn" by Garth Stevenson
  • "Light Me Up (Feat. Marti Nikko)" by DJ Drez 
  • "Sacred Sultry" by Srikalogy & DJ Taz Rashid
  •  "Safe In Sound" by Ida Jo
  •  "Pure Space" by Sol Rising 
  • "Farewell" by Garth Stevenson 
  • "Floating" by Dennis Hawk, DJ Taz Rashid, and Tom Washatka

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