Mary Beth LaRue Yoga Class: Deep Dive Into Hips | Wanderlust TV

Deep Dive Into Hips

Beg./Int. 20 min Vinyasa, yin

This class is part of Easy Does It, featuring five 20-minute classes for $14.99.

When the hips grip, the mind tightens, too—give them the stretch they deserve! In this flow, you'll you move through a series of lower-body focused asana, including Figure 4, Lizard (Utthan Pristhasana), Goddess (Utkata Konasana). Finish with gentle squats and twists and relish this sweet release.

Recommended props: Two blocks.

Outfit: adidas x Wanderlust collection. Shop here

Soundtrack mixed by DJ Taz Rashid

  • "Fate (Instrumental)" by Grey Reverend
  • "Exocet" by Memory9 
  • "Question" by DJ Drez 
  • "Sunyata" by TOR 
  • "The Gymnopedist" by Jono McCleery

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