Yoga Class: Rejuvenate to Recess | Wanderlust TV

Rejuvenate to Recess

Intermediate 45 min Vinyasa

Overwhelmed? This class is perfect when looking to shut out mental chatter and restore your truest self. Begin with plank lifts, and move into standing poses that open the side-body, bringing breath and positivity back into your lungs. Then stretch and wring the body with twists and hip-openers, and finally relinquishing in a juicy long restorative section on your back. Peace is yours to find.

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Soundtrack mixed by DJ Taz Rashid

  • "Home" by Sol Rising
  • "Surrender (Instrumenal)" by Ida Jo 
  • "Change" by Ingmar-Hansch & Hideyo 
  • "Be Present" by DJ Taz Rashid 
  • "Journey" by Sol Rising 
  • "Raise Your Vibes" by DJ Taz Rashid 
  • "I Know Baby" by DJ Drez 
  • "Shores of Madras" by DJ Taz Rashid 
  • "Snow" by Garth Stevenson 
  • "Sonder" by DJ Taz & Ingmarlo 
  • "Deep Watsu" by Ingmar Hansch 

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