Chelsey Korus Yoga Class: Lean Into the Simplicity | Wanderlust TV

Lean Into the Simplicity

Int./Adv. 45 min Vinyasa

This class is part of Simply Amazing, featuring three 45-minute classes for $19.99.

Your mantra for this class is, “Lean into the simplicity rather than chasing after the complexity." Explore Eagle Pose (Garudasana) in a variety of orientations, including on your back, twisting, and in headstand. Focus on hip stability and abductor strength in kneeling and standing poses and well as in Side Plank (Vasistasana).

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Soundtrack mixed by DJ Taz Rashid

  • "Home" by Sol Rising
  • "Building Waves (Kula Remix)" by DJ Taz Rashid
  • "Sun Trickles" by DJ Drez
  • "One More Time (Kula Remix)" by DJ Taz Rashid
  • "Above The Clouds" by Sol Rising
  • "A New Day (Kula Remix)" by DJ Taz Rashid & Ingmarlo
  • "Awake " by Sol Rising
  • "The Southern Sea" by Garth Stevenson
  • "City That Dreams (Instrumental)" by Ida Jo
  • "Alpenglow (Melt Mix)" by DJ Taz Rashid & Ingmarlo

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