10-Day Yoga Challenge: Flow With Intention

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Welcome To 10-Day Yoga Challenge
Flow is a pure state of immersion: You are fully present, energized, and focused.
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Day 1: Find Flow
We enter the flow state when we lose the feeling what’s next in a situation. We are simply, naturally, present in the now.
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Day 2: Stop "Shoulding"
Stop “shoulding” on yourself! One of the fastest ways to fall out of a flow state is self judgment.
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Day 3: How to Access Flow
Today we get into the nitty-gritty of how to access the flow state.
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Day 4: Lean Into Simplicity
Part of finding the flow state means leaning into simplicity rather than chasing after complexity.
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Day 5: Enjoy the Journey
One of the hallmarks of the flow state is the falling away of expectations and letting the journey unfold.
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Congrats, You're Halfway!
Here's a quick recap of what you've learned and where we've yet to journey!
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Day 6: The Feel of Flow
After visualization exercise, we’ll turn to a sequence that flips us upside and all around before grounding us down.
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Day 7: Dear Friend
You’ve found your rhythm—you’re in a flow state and don’t need to censor your thoughts or feelings.
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Day 8: The Primal Self
Animals always inhabit the flow state. Have you ever seen a cat move or a dog play? Let’s dive right in and move from our most primal selves.
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Day 9: Saying Yes & No
Now that you have been working with the concept of flow, you may notice decision-making get easier.
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Day 10: Life In Flow
Reflect on the journey you’ve taken over the past 10 days. Go back to your writing on day one and see what you thought flow was then.


“The flow state interests me because I’ve lived so many years in the land of ‘I don’t know.’ Where are you going? I don’t know. What do you need? I don’t know. And I realized that through the yoga practice we have a lot more tools than we think we do to release our distractions and be fully present in the now—which will reveal what you really want.” 

Flow on your mat, flow through your life. Flow is a pure state of immersion: You are fully present, energized, and focused. Learn how to access your flow and you’ll learn to live without fear, self-judgment, or distraction.

Led by Wanderlust yoga teacher Chelsey Korus, this 10-day program combines yoga, journaling, and meditation to help you access your most present self and to set intentions within this powerfulstate.

Each 20-minute class begins with a short writing exercise to plant the seed of transformation. Then, move and sweat on your mat before a final meditation to harvest the wisdom that arises.

What to Expect in Each Class

  • A brief journaling prompt (3 minutes)

  • Flow-style yoga (15 minutes)

  • A brief meditation and invitation to continue journaling

What You Need

  • A journal and pen or pencil

  • A yoga mat

Chelsey Korus has been teaching yoga since the age of 15 and draws from numerous movement practices, including: Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro, as well as martial arts, free form dance, and ballet. She brings her joy, wisdom, and exceptional depth of practice to every class.