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YOGAMAZÉ at the Studio Part 1


Experience the revolutionary style of yoga, YOGAMAZÉ, in the intimate setting of the Wanderlust Hollywood Studio. Through unique sequencing and a focus on alignment, this intense and rewarding combination of classes simultaneously challenges the mind and spirt. It's ideal for those looking to enhance and expand their practice by providing the perfect introduction to this rare school of yoga. 

What’s in this Class Pack?

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YOGAMAZÉ Essentials

Level 1/2, 45 min, Rocky Heron, Watch Preview

Bring On Bekasana

Level 2/3, 20 min, Nichol Chase, Watch Preview

Visions of Visvamitrasana

Level 2/3, 25 min, Nichol Chase, Watch Preview

Blissful Backbends

Level 2/3, 45 min, Rocky Herron, Watch Preview

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