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The Studio: Vibe To Thrive


Combining heat-building vinyasa with meditation, detailed explorations of classic poses and slow-flow, Vibe to Thrive offers a myriad of classes taught by Wanderlust favorites. It's a variety pack for the yogis of all levels, with everything from down-to-earth basics to innovative asana that simultaneously challenges the mind and body. Explore at your own pace—find your vibe and let yourself thrive!

What’s in this Class Pack?

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Taste of Chill

Level 1/2, 20 min, Cat Acquaviva, Watch Preview

Rediscover Revolved Triangle

Level 1/2, 45 min, Alex Dawson, Watch Preview

Upbeat & Energized

Level 2, 20 min, Erin Grossman, Watch Preview

Deep Dive in Dhanurasana

Level 1/2, 45 min, Mary Beth LaRue, Watch Preview

Mind Body Oasis

Level 2, 60 min, Clio Manuelian, Watch Preview

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