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Class Pack: Get Down, Dive Deep

Intermediate Vinyasa

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Your salutations are seamless, you’re well on your way with Chaturanga—now what? Experiment with new families of asana in this eclectic and immersive class pack. New poses are introduced in the course of creative, thoughtful flows—first you play with the physical components, then you combine them into more complex shapes. Rekindle your love for your practice and redefine your abilities! Growth happens when you walk the edge of your comfort zone with a smile.

These videos feature a variety of teachers from Wanderlust Hollywood, our flagship yoga center in Los Angeles, California.

What’s in this Class Pack?

Get permanent access to all the following videos:

Quick Hit Koundinyasana

Intermediate, 25 min, Monica Ross, Watch Preview

All Purpose Unwind

Intermediate, 20 min, Cat Acquaviva,  Watch Preview

Camel Pose Pilgrimage

Intermediate, 45 min, Erin Grossman, Watch Preview

Revolve Your Half-Moon

Intermediate, 45 min, Mary Beth LaRue, Watch Preview

Arms, Abs & Architecture

Intermediate, 60 min, Matt Phippen, Watch Preview

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