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Find Beat, Build Heat
Find the beat and build the heat with invigorating backbends.
Bind & Rewind
This FIXX mixes it up with twists, binds, and side stretches—with some poses combining all three!
Hip to the Flow
Listen to the hum of your hips in this external rotator class.


Tune out the nonsense and drop into your flow state with this heart-pounding trio of FIXX classes. Wanderlust co-founder Schuyler Grant uses music-driven vinyasa and carefully designed sequences to unify mind, body, and beat. Open your ears and sharpen your focus—these classes demand presence!

Enjoy these classes with an all-original soundtrack by DJ Taz Rashid.

Schuyler Grant has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 20 years. Her signature style integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar. She is a co-founder of Wanderlust and the founder of Kula Yoga Project, and is dedicated to bringing her students deep and transformative mind-body experiences.