Back to the Core

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Open the Abdomen
Class one is all about mapping the body and understanding abdomen essentials for longterm strength.
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Core Self-Care
Use the lessons from day one to build heat in this core focused flow.
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Twist + Remix
Incorporate core work into the world of twists!
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Bend to Breathe
Backbending with back pain may sound counterintuitive, but Schuyler provides insight on how proper alignment can actually alleviate this discomfort.
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Conscious Headstand
The key to stable inversions is a controlled core.


Alleviate back pain, strengthen the core, and hone body awareness with Schuyler Grant in this lower-back focused workshop.  Back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting modern Americans, and can prevent many of us from actively enjoying our daily lives. In these five thirty minute classes,  Schuyler uses the lessons she's learned as a both a yoga teacher and a victim of back pain to provide lifelong tools to help yogis maintain strong and sturdy bodies. Expect to leave with a deepened understanding of proper alignment, more control in transitions, and more confidence to find your edge. Get back to basics. Get back to your core. 

What You Need

We recommend you have these on hand.

  • Yoga mat
  • Two yoga blocks 
  • Blanket (or thick towel)

Schuyler Grant has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 20 years. Her signature style integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar. She is a co-founder of Wanderlust and the founder of Kula Yoga Project, and is dedicated to bringing her students deep and transformative mind-body experiences.