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The Studio: Poses for Presence

Intermediate Vinyasa

Enter the tranquil Greatest Place for a series of classes designed to hone your attention to alignment while strengthening classic poses. In each class, discover the opportunity for length, creation, spaciousness, and presence in some of our favorite asana, all under the caring instruction of Wanderlust Hollywood favorites. Begin by building heat, then launch into deep-dives of Half Moon, Wheel, and Compass before settling into a juicy opening series. 

What’s in this Class Pack?

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Flow for Ferocity 

Level 2, 20 min, Jennifer Elliott, Watch Preview

Exploring Half Moon

Level 2, 45 min, Chad Dennis, Watch Preview

Float Into Full Wheel

Level 2, 45 min, Dana Rizer, Watch Preview

Creating Compass Pose 

Level 2, 45 min, Chad Dennis, Watch Preview

Balance and Open

Level 2, 60 min, Clio Manuelian, Watch Preview

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