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Class Pack: Stable to the Core

Int./Adv. Vinyasa, hatha

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Stabilize your body and mind from the inside out in this class pack mixing steady vinyasa with stillness and alignment. Noah will guide you step-by-step through sequences featuring fundamental backbends, floating arm balances, and plenty of inversion variations. Strengthen your foundation and redefine what you are capable of!

These videos were filmed at Wanderlust Hollywood, our flagship yoga center in Los Angeles, California.

What’s in this Class Pack?

Get permanent access to all the following videos:

Fundamental Backbends

Level 2/3, 45 min, Watch Preview

Stand to Sit to Lift 

Level 2/3, 45 min, Watch Preview

Invert & Introvert

Level 2/3, 60 min, Watch Preview

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