Best of Wanderlust TV

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Grow Roots
Let your feet grow roots in this standing pose-focused flow.
The Warrior Within
Call upon the great strength of the legs with this series of grounding asana.
Chakra Vinyasa
Use this flow to ignite, open, and balance your chakras, or the seven energy centers of the body. You'll begin with rock and rolls to find those delic
Find Beat, Build Heat
Find the beat and build the heat with invigorating backbends.
Safe & Supported
Prepare to sink deep with this restorative sequence of prop-supported asana.


Featuring a myriad of styles from our top-selling Wanderlust TV class packs, the “Best of Wanderlust TV” is the ultimate sampler for those looking to expand and diversify their practice while cultivating a new edge.

Please note that all of the classes in "Best of Wanderlust TV" originally appeared in earlier class packs and that you will need a Wanderlust TV account in order to access classes. 

Wanderlust Yoga includes a myriad of educated and compassionate instructors, including Schuyler Grant, Mary Beth LaRue, Noah Mazé, Matt Phippen. Classes are designed for students of varying levels and work. This collection of classes showcases teachers at Wanderlust Hollywood, our preeminent full-service wel...