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60 Poses. 21 Flow Classes. 1 Body.

It's always good to return to the basics, no matter how far you are in your personal yoga journey. If you're new to yoga, this 21-Day Challenge will set you up with a solid foundation for a lifetime of alignment-based yoga. If you're a seasoned yogi, this Challenge will remind you of the importance of that solid foundation. Regardless, this reminder is one we could all use, over and over again. 

These 21 classes cover 60 poses with Wanderlust co-founder and National Director of Yoga Schuyler Grant. Repeatedly returning to these 60 poses will help you develop the strength, flexibility, and endurance to take your personal practice to the next level.

Want more of yoga? Come take Schuyler’s classes in person at Wanderlust O'ahu, February 28 through March 3, 2019.

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