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The Release with Mary Beth LaRue

Slow Flow to Let Go

The Release is a sweet treat of slow flow vinyasa mixed with juicy restorative poses. Expect gentle movement combined with steady breath, creating a grounding and relaxing experience designed to work out the body’s kinks. Each class ends with a mind-melting combination of yin stretches and quiet, supported breathwork. Savor your release.

Mary Beth LaRue is a yoga teacher, mentor, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga-inspired coaching movement for the mind and body. Mary Beth has taught at multiple Wanderlust festivals, and has been featured in Yoga Journal, National Geographic Traveler, LA Yoga, and Mantra Magazine. Her mission is simply to lead people toward their bliss.

These cozy classes were filmed in Mary Beth’s home studio, with her pitbull Rosie always just offscreen.