Wanderlust TV

Flow on your mat, flow through your life.

Flow is a pure state of immersion: You are fully present, energized, and focused. Learn how to access your flow and you’ll learn to live without fear, self-judgment, or distraction.

Led by Wanderlust yoga teacher Chelsey Korus, this 10-day program combines yoga, journaling, and meditation to help you access your most present self and to set intentions within this powerful state. Each 20-minute class begins with a short writing exercise to plant the seed of transformation. Then, move and sweat on your mat before a final meditation to harvest the wisdom that arises.

Sign up now for free access from March 28 - April 6, presented by Flow alkaline spring water. Every morning during the Challenge you will receive an email and a new class will unlock. On April 7 the classes will lock and you will be able to purchase permanent access to the program.

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