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A healthy back begins with your core.

Wanderlust Workshops feature hands-on instruction, custom sequences, and vital information in order to maximize physical health while deepening one's practice. In this five class series with Schuyler Grant, expect to cultivate a strong core, thus alleviating back pain and developing lifelong tools for a healthy practice. 

Schuyler Grant has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 20 years. Her signature style integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar. She is a co-founder of Wanderlust and the founder of Kula Yoga Project, and is dedicated to bringing her students deep and transformative mind-body experiences.

Want more of yoga? Come take Schuyler’s classes in person at Wanderlust O'ahu, February 28 through March 3, 2019.

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